VIP - Vehicle Improvement Plan at FLH


~While you are waiting for your car to be serviced, please take advantage of the valuable upgrade options that we currently offer with the Vehicle Improvement Plan.

·      Hassle-free fair market value for your vehicle

·      Honda finance rates, lease rates & incentives are at some of the best levels

·      Used car values are at an all-time high

·      Loyalty incentives may be available

·      Ask about how you may be able to lower your monthly payments

·      Ask about no money down options

·      Reduced cost of driving

·      Get back into a Honda Factory Warranty

·      Increased safety and updated technology


~Benefits of VIP:

·      We can buy your car, even if you don't buy a new vehicle from us! We try to buy most cars we appraise regardless of year, make, model or condition.

·      It's easy. The NADA reports purchasing a vehicle averages 4 ½ hours. Most of the time we can get it done in ½ the time!

·      It's honest and transparent. We don't play number games with your appraised equity position. You're welcome to watch your inspection and speak with your VIP specialist. You will also receive a free CarFax report!


~Selling your car Dealer vs. Private Party Benefits~

·      It's hassle free. No title issues. No problems with buyer funding or financing.

·      It saves time and money. No more payments. No advertising fees. No more depreciation. No time wasted with tire-kickers.

·      It's safe. No meetings with strangers at your home. No bounced checks. No doubts- We don't change our minds and try to make you take the car back.


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